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A search for truth.
Whatever that means.
"Sometimes I think about giving it all away. My brain that is. Sometimes I feel like joining a religious organization and handing over my brain. That would be the end of all my worries! I would not have to question anything anymore! No more wondering about what life really is all about or why things happen. I was so silly before - Du’h the bible had the answers all along! I could simply use the bible as my source for every argument I had. And when that was not enough I could simply utter “My God is better than your God” or “God is always right” and that would be the end of that. I could become president simply by expressing that I am religious and having some money - God would do most of the work anyway. OH! And If I ever had a concern about what was right or wrong I could just let the church decide for me! Oh and best of all, If I was ever sick, broke, scared or anything else adverse I could simply call the prayer hotline and they would talk to God for me and set everything straight again for only $5 a minute! Why the FUCK don’t we ALL become RELIGIOUS?"
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